It is a type of stone-like coating made from functional acrylic emulsion as the binder, high-temperature porcelain sand as aggregate, as well as multiple functional additives. The colored sand characterized by fine granules, rich colors, good texture and extraordinary weather-proof color retaining performance is applicable to decoration and protection of various kinds of high-end buildings.

Granite-like paint breaks through the high-suspension dispersion technology barrier in integration of solids and liquids, successfully integrates liquid colorful stone-like paint and true mineral varnish, meets the construction requirement for one-step forming of the bush-hammered granite model layer and the pattern layer, effectively simplifies the construction procedure, and greatly shortens the construction time. Its stereoscopic and layered perception of patterns look more like the real stone.

It is made from silicone modified acrylic emulsion as the base material, as well as rutile titanium dioxide, weather-resistant packing and multiple functional additives by using the advanced colorful “critical micelle technology”. This product presents the vivid granite and marble texture effect. It is characterized by rich colors, a strong sense of art, extraordinary weather-resistant performance, excellent waterproof performance, light deadweight and extraordinary stain-resistant performance.

It is mainly made from natural colored stone, with high-performance weather-resistant acrylic emulsion as the binder, by adding imported additives. It is characterized by excellent waterproof performance, color development, anti-water whitening recovery performance and extraordinary UV yellowing resistant performance.

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