Strive to start a new journey-JOSME held a staff meeting.


Apr 11,2023





At the meeting, floor paint product training was carried out, all-round, multi-level and systematic training empowerment was carried out, product knowledge was integrated into work practice, service level was improved, performance growth was boosted, and a new chapter in sales service was written.



At the meeting, Han Xuejun, a practical training lecturer in marketing management and talent management development, was specially invited to give lectures in person. The contents were closely combined with the sales direction, closely linked with each other, and laid a strong foundation for improving the company's management ability and sales service.


At the staff meeting in the afternoon, the sales manager who completed the sales task ahead of schedule was awarded the sales pioneer award, which encouraged all Jieshimei people to make positive progress and work hard with benchmarking power.

At the same time, the meeting commended the outstanding sales managers who recently entered the company and won the first billing award.

The convening of this staff meeting has further consolidated the consensus and strength of all employees of Jessammee, and defined the future development direction and strategic objectives of Jessammee. All Jessammee will work together to push forward the company's high-quality development and achieve a new leap forward.

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