JOSME was selected as a provincial "gazelle" enterprise! High growth and innovation towards a new starting point


Jun 21,2023





Recently, the Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, in accordance with the requirements of the Henan Province "Gazelle" enterprise selection notice and selection plan, through the procedures of enterprise declaration, local preliminary review, expert review, comprehensive review by relevant departments, and director-general office meeting research, etc., will meet the requirements of "Gazelle" Enterprises are included in the Henan Province "Gazelle" Enterprise Database and publicized. With the characteristics of strong innovation ability, fast development and new professional fields, Jieshimei Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the "Gazelle" enterprise library of Henan Province.

It is reported that "gazelle" enterprises must meet the following conditions at the same time: national high-tech enterprises within the validity period; R & D investment in the previous year accounted for no less than 3% of sales revenue; scientific and technological personnel engaged in R & D and related technological innovation activities accounted for no less than 10% of the total number of employees; With good growth, the compound growth rate of sales revenue or total profit in the past two years is not less than 15%.

In recent years, JOSME has continuously increased its investment in innovation, improved its technological innovation capabilities, and used its continuous improvement in innovation and professionalism to accelerate its development in just a few years and jump out of new industrial heights. And JOSME R & D Center was rated as the Henan Province Green Water-based Coatings Engineering Technology Research Center, relying on strong R & D strength, the company has developed a large number of green energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and has received strong market response. At the same time, JOSME has also been recognized as a green technology innovation demonstration enterprise in Henan Province, an intelligent factory in Henan Province, and a green factory in Henan Province.

JOSMEi's selection as a "gazelle" enterprise in Henan Province will further enhance the company's competitiveness and influence in the industry, which is a new starting point and a new opportunity for future development. In the face of honor and challenge, JOSMEi will continue to take "integrity, quality and service" as the core, strengthen R & D and innovation, continuously improve product quality and service level, create a green intelligent manufacturing supply chain, and inject new vitality into the green development of China's water-based coatings.

JOSME Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

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