Gather forward to draw the future together, JOSME held a commendation meeting for all employees and parents award.


Dec 09,2023



The time is clear and shallow, and the time is not lost. All the Jiexi beauties anchored their goals in this year, united as one, and achieved fruitful results in the same direction.

On December 6, JOSME held a commendation meeting for all employees and parents. At the meeting, the sales results of the whole year were accumulated, summarized and analyzed, and the sales manager who won the parent award was commended.

JOSME Parent Award | Waiting

Carry forward the culture of filial piety and cultivate the gratitude mentality of employees. "JOSME Parent Award" is the company's continuous and persistent corporate culture, advocating employees to care for their parents and be grateful for their parents' efforts.

Jesse Myers Parents Award Winner-Lu Yanfeng

Winner of Jesuit Parent Award-Wu Zhaomin

Winner of the Jessemate Parent Award-Zhu Hongpeng

Winner of JOSME's Parents Award-Lian Jin Wei

Winner of the Jessemate Parents Award-Wei Xianwei

Winner of the JOSME Parent Award-Liu Wei

Jesse Myers Parents Award Winner-Xie Jibing

Winner of JOSME Parent Award-Huang Ganggang

Winner of JOSME's Parents Award-Li Han

Jesse Myers Parent Award-Waiting

At the meeting, the company presented the Parent Award and expressed sincere respect to all the great parents who supported their children's work and paid silently through the "Parent Award.


Starlight does not live up to the wayward, the market favors the striver. Sales center business representatives, in the conference to share their own market development experience, combined with the market situation, gather rich sales experience.


Through experience sharing, it provides a practical experience reference for the business managers of the sales center in the future market development, and everyone is full of positive energy and confidence.

Work with the spirit of real work and develop with real ideas. Strict quality and service, the company has always been this "do practical" attitude to every corner. It is also under this characteristic management that the unique service force, centripetal force and cohesion of Jasme have been formed. In the future, Jess Beauty will continue to stick to its original heart, gather strength to move forward, walk straight, walk steadily, walk far, and paint the future together.

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