JOSME was awarded the provincial green design products!


May 29,2023





Recently, in the "Announcement on the Evaluation Results of the Construction of the Provincial Green Manufacturing System in Henan Province in 2023" published on the official website of the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the products of Jieshimei Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. were included in the list of "Green Design Products. A total of 106 green factories, 7 green parks, 21 green supply chain management enterprises and 21 green design products were selected. This is the recognition of JOSME's green development once again after being awarded the provincial green factory in 2022.

Green design products are focusing on industries with large ecological impact, wide range of products (services), and high industrial relevance. A group of "green design and manufacturing (service)" demonstration enterprises with strong demonstration and leadership are selected to guide enterprises to continue to improve Green product (service) supply capacity and market influence.

In recent years, JOSME has been committed to the intelligent upgrading and reform of the green coating industry chain, invested in the construction of JOSME Green Intelligent Industrial Park, optimized product performance, continuously improved the degree of greening of products, and built the main engine of green development, forming a low-carbon development model of green production, green products and green services.

The evaluation of "green design products" indicates that JOSME's green manufacturing has stepped onto a new level and achieved a new breakthrough. In the future, JOSME will continue to promote and lead the enterprise's "green, energy-saving and environmental protection" development, and will take this opportunity to establish and maintain the green factory route of circular economy and sustainable development, and follow the concept of coordinated development of economic growth, social progress and environmental protection, at the same time, it will continue to improve its green manufacturing capacity and continue to write a new chapter in the green development of JOSMEi.

JOSME Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

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