Hand in hand to go forward to the new journey, JOSME monthly sales training conference was successfully held.


Nov 21,2023



In the golden autumn of October, the sky is high and clear, and in the season of fruitful fragrance, the sales team of JOSME is also full of harvest. In order to enhance the cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of the sales team, JOSME held a sales team empowerment training conference on October 6. Only by understanding products and processes can we provide better services to customers. For this reason, the Engineering and Technology Department of JOSME conducts product performance and process practical operation guidance training for sales managers.

In the JOSME training base, JOSME engineering technicians do product process guidance for everyone. With the development of the company, the product system is constantly enriched. As the first service personnel of customers, sales should not only deeply understand the product performance, but also fully understand the professional construction technology, so as to provide the best product solutions from the perspective of customers.

At the meeting, professional lecturers were invited to conduct all-round sales skills training for all sales. At the meeting, lecturers frequently interacted with everyone and the learning atmosphere was high. The training also arranged team collaboration and team pk and other activities to enhance team awareness and cohesion. Everyone worked together and cooperated with each other. The sales training conference was a complete success.

Improving one's own mentality and professionalism, facing the future with a positive and high-spirited style, and bringing better quality and service to customers are the unremitting pursuit and goal of every Jess Beauty, and it is also the source of the company's continuous improvement and upward development. power. The market never fails to live up to the promise of the strivers, and never stingy with the praise of the strivers. JOSME will be firm in its goal and ride the wind and waves to work together with everyone to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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