Gather Heart and Gather to Start Again, JOSME Held All Staff Meeting


May 07,2023





Product Training-Open a New World of Inorganic Decoration



At the meeting, all sales staff for inorganic coating product training, detailed analysis of inorganic coating market development prospects, all-round display of the superior performance of the inorganic coating.

Jieshimei inorganic coating is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, with A- level flame retardant effect, but also has the performance advantages of moisture absorption, ventilation, natural antibacterial and mildew proof. It is not only a necessary coating material for densely populated and large public buildings, but also a good choice for family decoration.

Marketing Empowerment-Helping Business Improve Mentality Performance Growth

The main person in charge of the sales center of Jie Shimei respectively shared the sales mentality and customer service with everyone, charging and empowering all the sales staff of Jie Shimei with positive energy, refining the key nodes of customer service for everyone, and paving the way for future performance growth.

Standardize the development of the company-safety alarm bell ringing

In order to enable all employees to keep in mind the safety responsibility and cultivate safety awareness, the person in charge of the storage department of Jie Shimei will do safety management training at the meeting.

All progress is the result of continuous struggle; all gains need to be carried forward in the future. Similarly, the steady development of enterprises is inseparable from product innovation, continuous improvement of quality, but also inseparable from the norms of management, and the healthy development of personnel. This conference will enhance the empowerment of all employees from the aspects of products, sales, service, safety, etc., so that all Jieshimei will unite and forge ahead on the road of high-quality development of the company.

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