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Inorganic coating

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Inorganic coating

This coating is made from liquid inorganic silicate. It can penetrate into pores of the cement base material under the action of petrifaction to form a hard layer of insoluble inorganic calcium silicate coat on the concrete surface. The coat is characterized by extraordinary fireproof and flame-retardant performance, heat resistance, weatherability, breathability, antisepsis, mildew and algae prevention, strong adhesion and wear and scrape resistance, has the same service life with the base material and can provide buildings with long-time protective effect.

Inorganic coating

Natural inorganic paint is refined from liquid inorganic silicate. It penetrates into pores in the cement substrate through petrochemical action and forms a layer of insoluble calcium silicate inorganic hard coating with the concrete surface. The coating has excellent fire resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, air permeability, antibacterial, mildew, anti-algae and other properties. It has strong adhesion, abrasion resistance and wear resistance. The substrate has the same life span and can provide long-term protection for buildings.

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