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Wall occlusion filler

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Wall occlusion filler

King Kong wall reinforcement agent is a polymer emulsion, multi-functional additives composed of a dedicated role in the base surface reinforcement of the material, with excellent permeability, brushing in the base after the secondary reaction to form a good closed, excellent water resistance to strengthen the layer, improve the hardness of the base. Especially suitable for wall sand, ground sand, putty layer powder, ground ash shoveling putty after the concrete, the top layer of lower hardness putty layer repair putty layer and inferior mortar base is not easy to bond, etc.

Wall occlusion filler

The Wall occlusion filler is refined by using special polymer emulsion, special additives, deionized water, etc., and has excellent penetration ability. It can penetrate into the tiny gaps of the wall to carry out deep reinforcement on the base layer, effectively prevent the concrete from ash, shell, sand and other phenomena, and ensure the decoration of the wall coating.

Wall occlusion filler

Josme Wall occlusion filler is a new type of high permeability wall reinforcement material composed of polymer emulsion and multifunctional environmental protection additives. This product has excellent permeability, can fully infiltrate the base, enhance the compactness and adhesion of the base, and is used for wall sand sealing dust treatment.

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